TriCor Employment Screening Data Security

TriCor Employment Screening appreciates the sensitivity of the information we collect for our customers and applicants, and as such, securing that data is made a top priority in every aspect of our company. TriCor is committed to maintaining a secure information systems environment via systematic planning and design.

TriCor utilizes SSL encryption for any online data exchange with strong username and password protection. Access to servers and sensitive information is not only physically secured but we have installed layered firewalls and other security technologies to help prevent unauthorized access to our system. All information is encrypted and stored offsite utilizing a backup disaster recovery unit. All employees and new hires are made aware of the sensitivity of restricted customer and non-public private information. These employees are also trained and informed of the implications of the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act as relates to privacy issues and information security. Access to data is logged and audited by user to ensure proper safeguards and security measures are being met.

Keeping your trust in TriCor Employment Screening to securely handle your employee and consumer information continues to be our goal.